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Meet Our Family!


The Skiles...

Cameron and Aubrey are a young couple, both only a few months over 21. They are beating all the odds and don’t believe in the words, “I can’t”. They met during their high school years and began dating in September of 2017. True high school sweethearts for sure! They knew they wanted a family after graduation, 4 to be exact. Someday was the plan, but God had faster ideas. They had their first daughter, Athena, in January of 2021, and they were married that September. They both continued with school and took some accelerated paths to finish. They both graduated high school and then worked their tails off to start their life in a small rental only to find out they were getting surprised with a baby boy in June of 2022, Waylon! Their house was getting pretty tight pretty quickly. Aubrey’s mom and bonus dad decided to let them live in their house until they found something bigger. They accepted, and her parents offered to move out while they saved and searched. It wasn’t long after moving in that they were joined by their 3rd child, a baby girl named Maple in May of 2023. That was when Habitat for Humanity came into their lives! They applied and began earning hours before they even knew they were approved. Exciting things are happening for them, and they couldn’t be happier! 


Now, fast forward a few months, and yep you guessed it…another bun in the oven. Baby H will join them in July of 2024 (they say…SURPRISE to those they haven’t told yet)! This will be the 4 they always talked about and the final puzzle piece. They both attend Solid Rock church in Rochester and are pretty strong in their faith. They both work very hard at their jobs as well. Cameron has learned to weld in his new position and Aubrey is working as a laborer, both at Braun. They are looking forward to the opportunity that Fulton County Habitat for Humanity is providing them, and they have worked hard to show it. Her parents are getting happy about being able to have their home back soon too!

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