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Meet Our Family!


My husband Christopher (Chris) and I (Emiley) are the new Habitat family. Chris and I have been married for seven years. Individually we have learned many lessons but together we have grown and continue to learn new lessons. We have four beautiful children. Chis stepped up and adopted our oldest children from my previous relationship, completing the family we have always dreamed of having. The oldest is Brooklyne. She loves animals, makes great grades, and has participated in many activities. Colton is a bubbly boy with a love for the outdoors. He also takes guitar lessons and is looking forward to the start of baseball season. David is a ball of energy. He plays basketball and is a very loving young man. Grace is our youngest child. She loves animals, enjoys laughing, but is very shy. She is going to give T-Ball a try this year.

For us, family first and teaching core values to our children is the biggest thing, showing them that you should help other without expecting something in return. Faith and hope are values we stress and always trying to remember that we are blessed and many have it much worse. As a family we have already been blessed with our children and our health. We are grateful beyond words that we were chosen by Habitat. With your help and partnership, our dream of owning an adequate home will come true. Your support, along with lessons learned, family, faith and Habitat, is allowing us to open the next chapter of our lives as home owners and can continue to help others reach their dream of home ownership in the future. 

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