About Us

Fulton County Habitat for Humanity Inc.is a local affiliate of a national and international organization which builds and rehabilitates homes for those who lack decent housing. Volunteers donate labor, materials, and money as a Christian Ministry.  Because labor is donated, the cost of constructing and rehabilitating homes is kept low.


Board of Directors


In February of 1998, after many revisions to the Operations Manual, we were approved as an Affiliate.  On February 3, 1998, our Articles of Incorporation were signed by the following Directors:  Russell Phillips, Kerry Kehoe, John Schaller, Rev. David Hogsett, James M. Snyder, Thomas O. Troutman, Karen Sue Stokes, William J. Stokes, Kathy S. Johnson, Arthur L Merrill, Marianne Christenson, Mick Evans, Penni Brovont and Tom Brovont.